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Here are some tips to keep your headset in good condition




Mazuk Technologies Wireless Microphones are all very durable and an excellent choice for teaching all types of fitness class. All headworn microphones being used for fitness do require a certain amount of care to keep them “in shape”.

           Moisture is your headworn microphone’s enemy. You need to keep your mic dry whenever possible. This obviously is not going to happen when you are teaching class, and that’s fine.

           Never teach class without using a dry foam windscreen. After teaching remove the wet windscreen, do not store your mic with the wet windscreen still on. If left on it will act like a sponge and destroy the mic element. When teaching class the mouthpiece should be positioned off to the side of your mouth not directly in front.

           When teaching class be sure to put your transmitter in a neoprene belt pouch to prevent sweat from entering the transmitter. For even extra protection we recommend wrapping the belt pack transmitter in a sandwich bag to protect against corrosive body sweat. Be sure to remove the transmitter from the bag to allow moisture to escape.

           After every class remove the transmitter from the belt pouch and towel dry it,  and the headworn microphone off. Never leave your body pack transmitter in a wet belt pouch.

           Do not tightly wrap or make sharp bends in the microphone cable when in use or stored. This will cause the inside wires to break. If practical, hang the headset to air dry.

           Failure to protect your equipment may limit warranty coverage. Misuse is not covered under any manufacturers' warranty.

If you have any questions about caring for your headset, please give us a call.


1. Always use a dry windscreen

2. Always use a dry beltpouch

3. Keep the mouthpiece to the side of your mouth

4. Remove the wet windscreen after class

5. Remove the transmitter from the wet beltpouch after class

6. Towel dry both your headset & transmitter.

7. Avoid making sharp bends in you microphone cable.


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